Custom-made stainless steel

Amalgame Plus, a dedicated and committed trusted partner for distributors and kitchen manufacturers.

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High-end products

Our cutting-edge equipment guarantee a high-quality finish.

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A personalized service

Our highly accessible customer service and production team will support you with the development of all your projects.

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Style and


Custom kitchen manufacturing business can be complex for some but stimulating for others.

At Amalgame Plus we enjoy new challenges. In order to enhance the value of your home, our qualified and dedicated teams will act as outstanding partners for the development of your projects. From this moment, our designer's creativity will become fully significant.

Our pride

For several years now, we have become the reference for all your needs in stainless steel countertop, minimalist or prestigious range hood, veneered or other finishes table base. From customized to high-end, let us make your project unique while reflecting your customer's image.


Added value

More than mere cabinets, our kitchens are endowed with tailored functions simplifying your daily tasks.